Luxury Customized Wine Box Manufacturer

Luxury Custom Wine Box Manufacturer

Are you a wine brand looking to get quality packaging for your products
or are you just looking for a wine gift box?
Our custom wine boxes are the perfect packaging for your brand.

Personalized Custom Wine Box Packaging Solutions Manufacturer

With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in creating custom packaging for businesses and brands across various industries worldwide. We have the capability to produce wine box packaging in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and materials according to customer requirements. Our offerings include a diverse selection of paper qualities, surface treatments, printing techniques, and decorative elements to ensure that your wine box packaging aligns perfectly with your brand image.

Why Consider Us To Be Your Custom Wine Box Manufacturer

Environmental protection of packaging boxes
Environmental Protection

Paper wine boxes are made of renewable and recyclable paper materials, such as cardboard, paper and biodegradable materials, the trend of sustainable development.

Design of Watch Box Packaging
Free Design Support

Our design team possesses extensive experience and creativity. Whether starting from scratch or modifying designs based on customer requirements, we provide multiple design options for clients to choose from.

High quality printing of watch packaging boxes
High Quality Printing

We ensure consistent high quality printing results for each wine box package by strictly controlling and verifying the printing quality, using industry recognized standards and processes, such as ISO standards and G7 color management.

First-class customer service
Top-Notch Customer Service

Ours is not just a dedication to making your customization process a much better one, we are interested in making it as stress-free as possible as well. Need any help at all, our customer support is always ready to help.

Robust Materials

These wine gift boxes are made of environmentally friendly biodegradable cardboard material. The latest folding design is more sturdy and durable.

Custom wine bottle packaging box sturdy material
Protecting wine bottle packaging boxes

Protection design

To provide better protection and prevent the Wine glass bottle from falling, we use appropriate cushioning materials inside the wine box to provide additional buffering and protection. These cushioning materials can include foam plastic, bubble wrap, or other soft materials to minimize the impact of vibrations and collisions on the gift.

Quick Assembly

Simply peel off the white sticker to assemble the gift box in one step. The concealed tape is more beautiful and stronger.

Quick-assembly packaging boxes

Customize your branded custom wine box
Customize Your Own Brand Custom Wine Box Now

Not sure what kind of luxury gift box or box design would best fit your design? Let’s help you create the perfect one from scratch.

Allico’s custom gift boxes are designed to accommodate various types of wines, including red wine, white wine, whiskey, and grape wine. Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or presenting a gift, our gift boxes are your best choice. Each box is meticulously designed and crafted to ensure exquisite packaging and top-notch quality.

How To Customize A Luxury Wine Box?

Customized wine box packaging boxes are wine boxes that are individually designed and made according to your specific requirements and needs. Such boxes can usually be customized in terms of size, shape, material, color, printing, decoration, etc. to suit your brand image, product characteristics and market positioning.


What are the uses of Custom wine Packaging box?

Custom wine box packaging provides quality protection and packaging for wine products, ensuring the integrity and safety of the product during transportation, storage and display. They can accommodate different types and sizes of wine products, provide suitable internal padding and fixtures, and reduce the impact of vibration and impact on wine products.

Do you offer samples? Is it free of charge?

We offer existing samples free of charge and with immediate delivery so that you can actually evaluate and experience our products. These existing samples are made from our existing designs and specifications for your reference and selection.
Alternatively, if you require custom samples to meet your specific needs and requirements, we will need to charge a sample fee. This is because custom samples require additional design and production work on our part. However, we guarantee that custom samples will be produced within 3-7 days to meet your needs as soon as possible.

How can you ensure the quality inspection?

On the order process, we have inspection standard before delivery and will supply you production pictures.

How can I get a correct quote of Custom Wine Box?

Please inform Manufacturer the favored container kind/shape, dimensions, quantities, print colors and floor treatment. If you are not sure of such facts, then please offer us the information of products the containers are meant to maintain.

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