Custom Mailer And Shipping Box Manufacturer

Custom Mailer And Shipping Box Manufacturer

Specially Designed Transport Paper Packaging Boxes for All Products

Your Custom Shipping Packaging Manufacturer

The mailer box, also known as a shipping box, is an affordable, foldable packaging solution made from corrugated cardboard. This lightweight material ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising durability. It’s suitable for various items, providing protection during transportation. Its foldable design adds convenience to storage, making it a practical choice for safe and economical shipping.

Custom Printed Logo Holographic Clothing Cosmetics Paper Shipping Boxes
BF21037#Custom Printed Logo Holographic Clothing Cosmetics Paper Shipping Boxes
BF21023#Customized Biodegradable Environmental Packaging Clothing Mailing Boxes
Customized Logo Size Product Box Custom OEM
BF23003#CMYK Full Color Printed Apparel Customised Corrugated Mailing Boxes
Custom Logo Folding Deluxe Corrugated Mail Postage Packaging Shipping Boxes
BF21016#Custom Logo Folding Deluxe Corrugated Mail Postage Packaging Shipping Boxes
Factory Customized High Corrugated Clothes Packaging Boxes
BF21028#Factory Customized High Corrugated Clothes Packaging Boxes
Custom Designed Branded Logo Printed Corrugated Mailing Shipping Boxes
BF23002#Custom Designed Branded Logo Printed Corrugated Mailing Shipping Boxes
High Quality E Flute Corrugated Customized Garment Shipping Boxes
BF22001#High Quality E Flute Corrugated Customized Garment Shipping Boxes
Customized Wholesale Printed Luxury Shirt Gift Paper Boxes
BF23001#Wholesale Printed Luxury Shirt Gift Corrugated Packaging Boxes
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Why Consider Us

Environmental protection of packaging boxes
Eco-Friendly Materials

Committed to environmental sustainability, our company utilizes eco-friendly materials in its production, aligning with modern sustainability standards and addressing clients’ environmental concerns.

Design of Watch Box Packaging
Exclusive Manufacturing Facilities

Owning exclusive manufacturing facilities ensures precise control over the production process, maintaining product quality and reducing intermediary costs, leading to more direct and efficient service.

High quality printing of watch packaging boxes
Superior Product Quality

Stringent production controls and rigorous quality testing guarantee the stability and reliability of product quality, giving customers peace of mind in using these products.

First-class customer service
Top-Notch Service

Our company prioritizescustomer experience. providing professional ancattentive service from needs assessment to productdelivery, ensuring high levels of customersatisfaction.

Foldable Design

Its foldable design allows easy folding when not in use, saving storage and transportation space.

Pink printing flat clothes cosmetic carton packaging
Custom Printed Shipping Boxes

Build Your Own Brand

We can add colors, logos, and graphics to our custom shipping packaging to give it an exquisite look from that of our competitors.  Our gift boxes are perfectly sized only for you.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Shipping Box Now

Share Your Custom Requirement, And Our Company Will Implement On Your Folding Carton Demand Accordingly.

What are the uses of Custom Mailer And Shipping Packaging?

Mailer boxes are the best choice when it comes to shipping and storage needs. Nothing will be sturdier than a box maier during shipping. ALLICO as a leading supplier and manufacturer of cardboard mailer box packaging in China, We offer a variety of printed mailer box packaging from colors, sizes, shapes, styles and weights.

Why take into account Custom Shipping Packaging?

ALLICO factory insists on providing reliable material, durable quality and unique design for all kraft mailer box products. As a consumer, you definitely want the best price for a parcel mailing cardboard box, without reducing the cost. You will find our post mailer boxes packaging suit your business and budget well. We are trying our best to meet the demands of our customers for the best quality custom shipping box.

What is the MOQ for custom mail and shipping packaging?

Our MOQ is 1000pcs. If so many sizes and colors, our MOQ is 500pcs for each size and color.

What are the advantages of purchasing cardboard and post office boxes from us?

Unique Design: We provide professional designers to help with trendy designing boxes, with a wide range of custom options for size, color, printing, logo and layout.
Eco-Friendly Material – We provide the environmentally friendly and recyclable material of mailing box, it will not cause any pollution to the environment.
Safe Shipment – Not only has the best quality mailbox packaging but also provides the best service to all customers, all the mailing carton boxes will be delivered safely and reliably.
Easy To Assemble – Double adhesive strip to ensure smooth assembly, and an easy-opening tear strip to guarantee customer satisfaction.
Affordable Price – ALLICO box factory has been supplying qualified box packaging at affordable prices for years in China.
Reliable OEM/ODM Service – Free mailer box mockup, responsive online customer support and responsible after-sales

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