Customized Luxury Lid And Base Boxes Manufacturer

Customized Luxury Lid And Base Boxes Manufacturer

Need luxury packaging specially designed for your brand?
Our lid and base boxes gift boxes will be your best choice.

Your Customized Lid And Base Boxes Manufacturer

ALLICO’s premium box packaging series, featuring customizable options for box covers, bottoms, tops, and flip covers, is the ultimate choice for packaging. These high-quality box covers and bottoms are crafted from top-notch cardboard, ensuring your products remain durable and well-protected. The unique top and bottom opening mechanisms provide an unparalleled experience, while internal compartments effectively divide different sections. With a variety of sizes available, you can effortlessly find the perfect dimensions for your products. Most importantly, these custom bottom cover boxes can be fully tailored to meet your brand’s requirements.

BT21093#High quality custom logo keepsake cardboard base and lid box gift box
In Gift BT21093#

High quality custom logo keepsake cardboard base and lid box gift box

BT21011#Customized logo cardboard paper gift packaging box with lid rigid gift box
In Gift BT21011#

Customized logo cardboard paper gift packaging box with lid rigid gift box

BT21022#Customized Luxury Gold Foil Cardboard Lid and Bottom Box Packaging Gift Boxes
In Gift BT21022#

Customized luxury gold foil cardboard lid and bottom box packaging gift boxes

BT21149#Wholesale Customized Cardboard Gift Boxes with Lids and Bottoms with PVC Transparent Window
In Gift BT21149#

Cardboard gift boxes with lids and bottoms with pvc transparent window

BT21002#Custom Logo Small Jewelry Paper Packaging Gift Boxes Rings Jewelry Packaging Storage Boxes
In Jewelry BT21002#

Custom logo small jewelry paper packaging gift boxes rings jewelry packaging storage boxes

BT21026#Packaging Jewelry Gift Boxes Custom Size Private Label Cardboard Jewelry Boxes
In Jewelry BT21026#

Packaging jewelry gift boxes custom size private label cardboard jewelry boxes

BT21067#Wholesale Mini Travel Jewelry Box Portable Ring Earrings Storage Custom Jewelry Boxes
In Jewelry BT21067#

Wholesale mini travel jewelry box portable ring earrings storage custom jewelry boxes

BT23001#Custom Printed Personalized Branded Earrings Rings Necklaces Jewelry Packaging Gift Boxes
In Jewelry BT23001#

Custom printed personalized branded earrings rings necklaces jewelry packaging gift boxes

BT21073#Luxury Cardboard Skin Care Cosmetic Set Box Packaging Custom Logo
In Cosmetic BT21073#

Luxury cardboard skin care cosmetic set box packaging custom logo

BT21101#Luxury customized printed paper box cardboard cosmetic packaging box perfume gift box
In Cosmetic BT21101#

Luxury customized printed paper box cardboard cosmetic packaging box perfume gift box

BT21036#Luxury private label cosmetics lipstick rigid box customization
In Cosmetic BT21036#

Luxury private label cosmetics lipstick hard case customized wholesale

BT21100#Wholesale High Quality Customized Black Cardboard Perfume Packaging Boxes
In Cosmetic BT21100#

Wholesale high quality customized black cardboard perfume packaging boxes

BT21123#Factory Custom Luxury Colorful Packing Packaging Box For Chocolate And Candy
In Foods BT21123#

Factory custom luxury colorful packing packaging box for chocolate and candy

BT21141#Wholesale Customized Pastry Boxes Cookie Boxes with Logo Packaging Gift Boxes
In Foods BT21141#

Wholesale customized pastry boxes cookie boxes with logo packaging gift boxes

BT21136#Customized design eco-friendly food candy truffle display wrapper chocolate box
In Foods BT21136#

Customized design eco-friendly food candy truffle display wrapper chocolate box

BT21133#High quality handmade chocolate box customized luxury candy packaging chocolate gift box
In Foods BT21133#

High quality handmade chocolate box customized luxury candy packaging chocolate gift box

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Why Consider Us

Environmental protection of packaging boxes
High-Quality Materials

We choose premium materials to craft Lid and Base Boxes, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal, offering excellent packaging solutions.Beyond adding product value, our Lid and Base Boxes also contribute to brand image enhancement, boosting brand influence in the market.

Design of Watch Box Packaging
Customization Capability

We can customize design and print Lid and Base Boxes according to customer requests, ensuring alignment with their brand and product style.We provide end-to-end services from design to production, ensuring customers receive satisfactory cooperation support.

High quality printing of watch packaging boxes
Creative Design

With a creative team, we provide unique packaging designs that help products stand out in the market.Our innovative designs accentuate brand uniqueness, capturing customer attention and enhancing market competitiveness.

First-class customer service
Professional Knowledge and Experience

We have abundant experience and expertise in the field of Lid and Base Boxes, understanding customer requirements and providing optimal solutions.Our Lid and Base Boxes of exceptional quality add external value to products, highlighting a premium brand image.

High-Quality Cardboard

Thick cardboard, capable of bearing significant weight without deformation, and has a long service life.

High quality cardboard lid box and base box
Customized inch scale lid box and base box

Customized Inch Size

The lid box and base are customizable and available in a variety of sizes for gifts ranging from lipsticks to shoes.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Lid And Base Boxes Now

Do you want to find the place to shop lidand bottom shape packaging? ALLICO boxes manufacturer. ALLICO will be the best choice for you.

What is The Purpose Of Lid And Base Boxes?

The use of base and lid paper packaging boxes is incredibly versatile, catering to a wide range of product types and market demands. These types of packaging boxes are frequently employed for items such as cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, watches, shoes, and more. They are commonly used for packaging gifts, including birthday presents, holiday gifts, and wedding presents. They can also be utilized for packaging small food items like chocolates, candies, teas, dried fruits, and other similar products. Their versatility and customization options make them a common choice across various industries.

Benefits of Buying Lid and Bottom Boxes From Us?
  • High quality standards, durable and long server life
  • Wholesale factory direct price, cost effective
  • Unique lid and bottom design and exquisite craftsmanship
  • Wide range of designs, colors, sizes,shapes available
  • Accept customer custom design and OEM/ODM production
  • Ship in time, reliable packaging and transportation
What Is The Printing Procedure Regarding The Lid And The Bottom Box?

The most usual floor remedy techniques by Manufacturer include

Hot Stamping,
Matte/Glossy Lamination,
Embossing/Debossing and
UV Coating and so forth.

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