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If you are looking for luxurious custom packaging for chocolates or other food products,

we are your ideal choice as a professional custom chocolate box manufacturer.

Your Custom Luxury Chocolate Food Box Manufacturer in China

As a custom chocolate food packaging box manufacturer, we have over 20+ years of experience, serving chocolate food factories in China and around the world with high-quality custom packaging. We are committed to meeting all your expectations for premium food packaging, including aesthetics, airtightness, and non-toxicity.

Custom Printed Packaging Pizza Carton with Logo
BF21004#Small Business Customized Printing Pizza Boxes with Logo
Chocolate Macaroon Cookies Cardboard Drawer Gift Box
BC21040#Chocolate Macaroon Cookies Cardboard Drawer Gift Box
Professional Food Gift Boxes Chocolate Peanut Truffle Packaging Boxes
BK22003#Professional Food Gift Boxes Chocolate Peanut Truffle Packaging Boxes
Heart Shaped Paper Gift Box for Chocolate Packaging
BT21050#Rigid Cardboard Paper Heart Shaped Chocolate Packaging Boxes
Chocolate Gift Packaging Box With Paper Bag Custom Logo
BT21133#Chocolate Gift Packaging Box With Paper Bag Custom Logo
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Why Consider Us To Be Your Custom Food Box Manufacturer

Environmental protection of packaging boxes
Environmental Protection

In the design and manufacturing of chocolate boxes, we are committed to using environmentally friendly materials and production methods. The paper and printing inks we select comply with environmental standards and are recyclable. We ensure that the chocolate boxes are free from harmful substances and meet food safety requirements.

Design of Watch Box Packaging
Free Design Support

Our professional design team will provide creative and unique packaging box design solutions based on your needs and brand image. Whether it’s the structural design, printing patterns, decorative effects, or material selection, we strive to meet your expectations and ensure that the packaging box complements your product perfectly.

High quality printing of watch packaging boxes
High Quality Printing

Our printing team has the expertise and know-how to handle a wide range of complex printing needs. Whether it’s single-color printing, multi-color printing or special printing effects (e.g. foil stamping, embossing, glossy coating, etc.), we can provide high-quality printing services to ensure that your food packaging boxes are printed beautifully and meticulously.

First-class customer service
Top-Notch Customer Service

Whatever your question, need or comment, our customer service team is here to help. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience to ensure you are satisfied with our services and build a long term relationship.

Manufactured by Professionals

Our food packaging boxes are manufactured by experienced professionals who possess extensive industry knowledge and expertise. They are familiar with the requirements and standards of food packaging and are dedicated to providing the highest quality manufacturing processes.

Customized Chocolate Food Boxes with Hot Stamping Printing
White Chocolate Heart Shaped Box

Good Looking Exterior, Solid Internal Structure

We focus on designing and selecting attractive exterior elements. By using high quality materials, fine printing and decorating techniques, we create an impressive chocolate box look. We can offer a wide range of design styles to suit your brand image and product positioning, from simple and stylish to ornate and luxurious.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

We understand that each customer’s needs are unique, so we offer flexible customization options. Whether you need small chocolate boxes or large gift sets, we can adjust the sizes according to your requirements to ensure that the chocolate boxes perfectly accommodate your products.

Customized baby candy boxes

Get a customized chocolate food box with your branding
Get A Customized Chocolate Food Box With Your Branding

Only ideas? Our paper mill can customize it for you.

Unlock the boundless possibilities of custom chocolate food packaging with our paper box manufacturing factory. From concept to creation, we tailor-make packaging solutions

What Type Of Materials Are Food Packaging Boxes Made Of?

Food paper boxes are usually made of eco-friendly cardboard or specially treated paper materials. These materials are widely used to package a variety of food products such as pastries, cakes, pizzas, takeaway lunch boxes, breakfast boxes, etc.

How Supplier Are Environment Friendly Option?

Paper food boxes are usually made from renewable resources, such as wood pulp paper. Compared to many plastic packages, paper boxes are more environmentally friendly. In addition, some paper food containers are made from biodegradable materials, further enhancing their environmental friendliness.

Food Packaging Boxes Need To Which Through Which Certification?

Food boxes need to be certified for food contact materials to ensure that the material meets food contact safety standards; ISO 22000 to demonstrate a focus on food safety management; BRC to assess food safety and quality management systems; HACCP to identify and control hazards in the food production process; FSC to ensure that the paper material comes from sustainably managed forests; and may need to carry the other country- or region-specific marks of conformity.

What kind of printing is available for custom food boxes?

Printing is the most common food box surface treatment process. Offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing and other techniques can be used to print colorful patterns, text, brand logos, etc. on the surface of food boxes.

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