• Product Sponge Inserts
  • sponge insert
  • Object Sponge Inserts
  • Pink sponge inserts
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  • Sponge insert thickness
  • Product Sponge Inserts
  • sponge insert
  • Object Sponge Inserts
  • Pink sponge inserts
  • Camera sponge inserts
  • Sponge insert thickness

Sponge Inserts

Sponge inserts are an ideal choice for cushioning electronic products, tableware, porcelain, glassware, automotive components, jewelry, or other fragile items, helping to prevent breakage in case of accidents. They are also a preferred option for packaging, transportation, model making, decoration, and more.
  • Customized shapes and sizes
  • Which has excellent cushioning properties
  • Prevents scratches and abrasions
  • Packaging and Presentation

What Is A Sponge Insert?

The pads are made of thick polyurethane foam that provides a soft cushion.the packing foam for cases is made of polyurethane foam, lightweight and soft, which can provide soft cushioning for your items, but without causing too much burden to your package or suitcase.



·Sponge inserts are typically versatile and can be used for various purposes, serving both to protect items and for decoration, model making, sound insulation, and more.

·Sponge inserts are typically easy to install and remove, making them more convenient for packaging, transportation, and display processes.

Choosing the right sponge for the gift box liner
Sponge shape

Shape Of Sponge

·Customized based on the specific shape and size of the item.

·Incorporate innovative designs such as wavy patterns, textured shapes, or multiple layers to provide enhanced cushioning and support.

·Utilize high-quality sponge materials with outstanding shock absorption and cushioning performance.

How Do I Choose The Right Density Of Sponge Liner For My Product?

Choosing the appropriate density for sponge cushions depends on the fragility of the product. For items prone to breakage, it may be necessary to opt for higher-density sponges to provide better shock absorption. Heavier or larger items typically require sponges with higher density to ensure adequate support and cushioning.

Can Sponge Liners Be Customized To Fit Different Box Sizes?

Yes,Sponge inserts are typically custom-cut or molded according to the specific shape and size of the items. This personalized design ensures that the inserts can snugly fit the items and accommodate different box sizes, providing optimal protection and cushioning.

What Is The Thickness Of The Sponge Insert?

In packaging boxes, sponge typically comes in various thickness options. The choice of the appropriate thickness depends on the size, shape, weight of the packaged items, and the desired level of protection.

Typically ranging from 1 millimeter to 5 millimeters (0.2 inches). Thin sponge is suitable for lightweight items such as jewelry, small electronic devices, glassware, providing basic surface protection and scratch resistance.

Medium Sponge: Thickness ranges typically from 6 millimeters (0.24 inches) to 15 millimeters (0.6 inches). Medium-thickness sponge is suitable for general packaging needs, such as electronics, tools, household items, offering better cushioning and protection.

Thick Sponge: Thickness usually falls between 16 millimeters (0.63 inches) and 50 millimeters (2 inches) or more. Thick sponge is often used for heavier or larger items, such as electrical equipment, toys, mechanical parts, providing stronger cushioning and support.

Ultra-Thick Sponge: Ultra-thick sponge can reach 100 millimeters (4 inches) or more in thickness. It is primarily used for extremely heavy or uniquely shaped items that require a very high level of cushioning and protection, such as large machinery, art pieces, instrumentation, etc.

The selection of sponge thickness should be based on the specific packaging requirements and the characteristics of the items being packaged. Heavier or fragile items typically require thicker sponge, while lightweight items may only need a thin protective layer. Additionally, consideration should be given to the internal space of the packaging box to ensure that the sponge insert fits and provides the necessary protection.

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