Common Box Types for Premium Customized Packaging Boxes

The types of packaging boxes are diverse, and different products and industries require various types of boxes to meet their unique needs and purposes. Within the basic structural framework, an endless variety of box types can be created.

Book-Shaped Box
The packaging style resembles a book, and the box opens from one side. The box structure consists of panels and a bottom box, and the materials are tailored according to the custom size and functionality of the packaging box. Some book-style boxes may require materials like magnets or metal sheets, making it one of the high-end gift packaging options.
Magnetic Book Shape Case for CosmeticsBook shaped box with ribbon

Drawer Type Packang Box

A drawer box typically consists of two parts: an external shell and a sliding drawer inside the shell. It is a creative and practical packaging form commonly used for gift packaging, enhancing the presentation and appeal of the product.

Jewelry drawer box wholesale Manufacturer of drawer cosmetics

Shipping Box

A transportation box is a type of box used for packaging and transporting goods. It is typically employed in the process of shipping goods from the production location to retailers or end consumers. The design of a transportation box aims to protect the goods from damage and minimize the impact of collisions, compression, or other unforeseen circumstances during transportation and handling.

Customized shipping boxes Wholesale shipping boxes

Cover And Base Box Type

Cover and base packaning box is typically composed of two interconnected parts, one serving as the base, and the other as the box’s lid. This design allows the box to be easily opened and closed, providing excellent protection for the contents inside while offering a convenient user experience. Its sturdy structure and elegant appearance also establish a high-quality and upscale image for the brand.

Lid And Base Packaging Gift Box Customized Logo Lid and Base Perfume Boxes

Card Box

A card box is a type of packaging box used for storing and protecting cards. It is typically made of cardboard or rigid paperboard and designed in a square or rectangular shape with a flip-top opening. The dimensions of the card box are usually suitable for common card sizes, such as credit card size or postcard size.

The materials and design styles of card boxes can vary, with some being simple and practical for everyday use, while others focus more on aesthetics and decoration, making them suitable as special gift packaging. Regardless of the purpose, a card box is a convenient and useful packaging solution for storing and safeguarding cards, providing both convenience and visual appeal.

Cosmetic card box packaging box Customized card boxes for wine boxes Deluxe customized card box

Folding Boxes

A folding box, also known as a folding paper box or foldable box, is a common type of packaging box. It is typically created by folding and gluing cardboard or rigid paperboard, forming a structure with a box-like shape. Folding boxes are widely used in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household products, electronics, and more. Their convenient assembly and flexible design make them a popular packaging choice.


Folding Boxes Wholesale OEM Factory customized folding box

Round Boxes

Characterized by a cylindrical shape, it can be a completely round box or a box with a rounded top and bottom. High-quality round box designs and materials can give a product a sense of luxury and are often used for packaging high-end gifts and luxury goods.

Printing of customized round boxes Round Christmas Gift Box

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